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CI-DI Sluice Valve

The use of the CI Sluice Valve and DI Sluice Valve is to reduce the wastage of water and control its flow. The valves direct the flow of water in one direction as they control the speed and capacity of the water. The function of Sluice valve is to start and stop the flow of water. Knife gate, slide gate and sluice gate, are used in wastewater control industry and are interchangeable in the water. It works by lowering and raising a wedge that blocks the flow and designed to control the flow through a pipe.

About CI Sluice Valve & DI Sluice Valve

They are mainly used in sewer and water treatment plants and come in a comprehensive variation of sizes. It is a kind of gate valve that is meant to regulate fluid flows in increments and to control the flow of fluid passing through it, generally, they are not meant for that goal and are basically either fully closed or fully opened. The main objective of a CI Sluice Valve and DI Sluice Valve is either to fully allow the water flow or fully prevent it.

  • Starts and stop water flow
  • Used in water supply system
  • Are durable
  • Robust structure
  • Application specific construction
  • Stainless steel
  • Comprehensive variation of sizes

CI Sluice Valve and DI Sluice Valve are manufactured from ductile iron, cast iron, gunmetal, cast carbon steel, stainless steel, forged steels and alloy steels. Ranjit Marketing established in Delhi is an experienced reseller and trader of the industry, who are also involved with fire fighting equipment. Buy CI Type strainers at best prices with us.


01.How does a CI sluice valve work?

CI Sluice Valve works strictly to either start or stop the fluid flow. Our traded CI Sluice valve, slide gate and knife gate are utilised interchangeably in the wastewater or water control industry. They are designed to control the water flow.
As a CI Sluice Valve and DI Sluice Valve providers, we at Ranjit Marketing believes in offering quality and functionality to our clients. We provide our clients with a satisfying solution. With our years of experience in the market, we understand your needs and requirements better.
DI Sluice valve or CI Sluice valve are operated by a motor or a handwheel which connects the actuator to the stem of the sluice. When they are completely open, they have no obstruction in the path, and so there are the chances of a low-pressure drop.