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Single Plate Check Valve & Dual Plate Check Valve

Single plate check valve and dual plate check valve are also known as one-way, clack and non-return valves. The valve which prevents the backflow of the fluid in the piping system is known as a check valve. The valves have the ability to pass fluid one way or solely. This function is crucial for safety applications and preventing overflow.

About Single Plate Check Valve & Dual Plate Check Valve

The valve opens with the pressure of the fluid passing through the pipeline and reversal of the fluid closes it. It allows complete unrestricted flow and automatically closes as pressure reduces. The operation will differ depending on the mechanism of the valve. Single plate check valve and Dual-plate check valve have short overall length like wafer-type valves. Their unique hydrodynamic characteristics result in low-pressure losses. The low weight of a dual plate check valve is the advantage at the time of storage, installation and transport.

  • Prevents backflow
  • Pass fluid in one way
  • Prevents overflow
  • Closes automatically
  • Low-weight
  • Easy to install and transport
  • Can be installed anywhere

They are used in condensate and steam systems, in oil and natural gas pipes and in the water supply. They can be installed anywhere with suitable springs. Ranjit Marketing trade Single plate check valve and double plate check valve. We trade the quality, what our clients demand. We also provide non return valves at best prices.


01.What is the need for a check valve?

Check valves are devised to allow the flow of water in one direction and are required at the time of submersible pump installations. They are fitted to prevent the flow in the column above the pump and pressure tank from draining back into the well when the pump is put off. They are available in two types-Single plate check valve and double plate check valve.
The best way to increase the life of the check valve is by preventative maintenance. They should be checked yearly. We trade high-quality valves in India.
The single plate check valve and dual plate check valve is an all purpose non-return valve that is durable, smaller in size and lighter in weight compared to a standard lift check valve or swing check valve. We at Ranjit Marketing, resell and trade high quality and corrosion resistant check valves to our clients.