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CI Y type strainer and CI T type strainers are the important parts of piping systems to guard equipment against possible damage due to the trash and other particles which may get carried by the fluid. During the time of system start-up and flushing, the Strainers may be installed upstream of pumps to guard them against construction trashes, that may be left in the pipes. Permanent Strainers are installed at upstream of traps or control valves to protect them from corrosion products.


The CI Y type strainer meant for the removal of extraneous matter from the pipelines and protects meters, pumps, valves and other similar equipment, which is termed as Strainer. The "Y" shape of the strainer has named it 'Y-type Strainer' and it is commonly used for course filtration, but in the large filtration areas they can be used with fine mesh also. The strainer clear the fluid and increases the life of the valves, it also protect expensive meters, pumps and other equipments. It is appropriate for gas, air, water, stream, petroleum and other fluids. The T-shape of the strainer got it named as CI T-Type Strainer.

  • Protect valves
  • Work as a regulator
  • Save from damage
  • Minimise Condensation
  • Enables safe removal and cleaning
  • Easy to install
  • Compatible in shape and size

Ranjit Marketing is one of the topmost reseller for CI Y type strainer and CI T type strainers in India. They are compatible in shape and size and are used in treating space crunch. They are largely used in Petrochemical applications and refineries. You must also buy gate and check valve gate and check valve.


01.What is the use of strainer in pumps?

It is frequently asked whether a pump suction strainer is important or suggested. The use of a suction strainer is to serve as a filter ahead of the pump to prevent large particles from entering the pump. Ranjit Marketing trade CI Y type strainers and CI T type strainers in different parts of India.
CI Y strainer is used for automatically removing unwanted solids from gas, steam lines or liquid using a perforated or wire mesh straining component. They are employed in pipelines to guard pumps, control valves, meters, regulators, steam traps, and other process equipment.
The CI Y TYPE STRAINER is used in the areas where there is a restricted collection of debris and trashes. CI T TYPE STRAINERS are a low-cost solution to large low bore straining requirements. They are installed in a vertical or horizontal position.