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CI Non-Return (Reflux) Valve


CI Non-Return Valve is also known as Reflux valve. Water flows from higher pressure to lower. For water distribution in the house water pressure is kept at higher pressure. Sometimes the main pressure is lessened to supply the water to fire fighters. When this happens, the water of house distribution directs to flow towards the main channel. To stop this return and flow, non-return valves are installed. They are installed between the home sewer and the city sewer line connections.

About Ci Non Return Valve

The water of the city sewer line tends to backflow to the home sewer line if the water is filled up to the flowing level. Ci Non-return valves work here to stop the backflow of the sewer water. Non-return valves direct the flow of fluid at one direction only, without the backflow

  • Stops backflow
  • High retention power
  • Fine surface finish
  • High anti-galling properties
  • Locomotive stability
  • Reduce water hammer effect
  • Sturdy design

The valve stops the reversal flow of the fluid. It works on pressure alone without any external help. Mostly non-return valves provide the downstream side of the pump. So, the non-return valve would not limit water hammer in the pipeline. Ranjit Marketing offers premium quality CI non-return (reflux) valves to their clients. We trade in different parts of India. If you also looking for foot valves then buy with us.


01.How does a CI Non return valve work?

CI Non-return valve performs by enabling water to flow through it in one direction. The valve has two openings in the body, one for water to enter and the other for water to leave. They work automatically, which doesn't require external control.
The CI Non return valve traded by us helps to stop water slug. When the water flows in the reversal direction, valve helps in controlling the backflow, which does not cause water hammer.
A clack valve, CI non return valve, check valve, retention valve, reflux valve, or one-way valve normally a valve that enables fluid (gas or liquid) to flow through it in single direction. We trade standard quality, corrosion resistant and long- durability Non return valves to our clients.