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CI Foot Valve

Check valve installed at the bottom of a pipeline or a pump is known as CI foot valves. Foot valves blocks debris from entering the line. They are protected with a shield from its open end. The design of the valve opening is larger than the line itself, reducing head loss.


Foot valves are found in pools, ponds and almost everywhere, where there is a pump. These valves enable the pump to stay fit, allowing the liquid to flow but stopping it from running backwards. The baskets or screens fitted over the valve opening get clogged with the time, especially in wells and ponds. Regular check and cleaning of the Ci Foot valve is necessary for optimum performance.

  • No lead bronze body
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Used in both horizontal and vertical positions
  • Durability
  • Barrier for the trashes and debris
  • Optimum performance

If you are going to construct a pool, well or pond then you need to research about the best variety of Ci foot valve. Ranjit Marketing foot valves are cost-effective and lightweight. You can use them in the industrial application or on the backward of the pond. We offer you the best variety of foot valves, which you can use at the time of construction of pool, pond or well. They are high-quality products resold and traded. Know more about Sluice Valve.


01.How far should the CI Foot valve be installed from the bottom of well?

The maximum height of installing CI Foot valve should be 25 feet from the vertical distance below the suction pipe of the pump inlet. They are installed at the bottom of a pipeline or a pump.
CI Foot valve can be installed at the bottom of the pump line in nearly all well pumping systems, two-line jet pump, one line jet pump or a submersible well pump. A Well Piped foot valve is anti-siphon or a one-way valve which is located on the pick-up end of the water pipe.