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SS butterfly valve and DI butterfly valve regulates or isolates the flow of the fluid. A butterfly valve is usually preferred because it is reasonable than other valve designs, and also is lighter in weight so it do not require much support. The disc is located in the axis of the pipe. There is a rod passed through the disc to reach the actuator on the outside of the valve. If we rotate the actuator it will turn the disc either perpendicular or parallel depending on the flow.

About SS Butterfly Valve & DI Butterfly Valve

A butterfly valve belongs to the family of quarter-turn valves. The metal disc mounted on the rod is "butterfly”. When the valve is open, the disc is rotated a quarter turn to allow almost permitted passage of the fluid.

  • Regulates flow of fluid
  • Durable
  • High-quality
  • Water resistant
  • Used for different pressures
  • Quick opening and closing
  • Good regulating performance

There are varieties of butterfly valves such as SS butterfly valve and DI butterfly valve, each accommodated for different usage and different pressures. The zero-offset valve has the lowest pressure rating. Ranjit Marketing trade and supply high-performance SS and DI disc butterfly valve. Our clients trust us because of the quality, we deliver. Get connected with us for buying Plate Check Valves.


01.How does a SS Butterfly valve function?

The SS butterfly valve is termed as butterfly vale because the butterfly-shaped metal disc is located on a rod. To block the passageway of the water the disc is turned when the valve is closed. When the valve is open, the disc is half-turned to allow the unrestricted flow.
No, the DI Butterfly valve plays a sealing role with the valve seat seal and the valve shaft part of the packing. When it is installed horizontally or vertically on the pipeline, the medium will have little erosion on the filler.
A DI and SS butterfly valve is part of valves family called quarter-turn valves. When operated, the valve is entirely open or closed when the wheel is wheeled a quarter turn. A metal wheel or disc mounted over the rod is the "butterfly". The disc is turned, when the valve is closed to stop the passageway completely.