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Rubber Gaskets

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Rubber gaskets are important for thousands of household appliances and machines to make our life easy. They are used in refrigerator doors to preserve our food, they help in building bridges, they keep resources safe from moisture. Well, it acts as a mechanical seal to prevent leaks of liquid or gas and used as a wall between objects, like two chemicals or metals. They can also be used as a protector from outside factors.

About Product

Rubber gaskets are used in the camera lens to resist dust and moisture and to make sure that the lens works properly. Used in almost every industry, the product is necessary for infinite applications. There might be only two applications that use the same size or shape gasket. They are made according to the specific use, which makes them unique in the industry.

Rubber Gasket
  • Heat resistant
  • Resistant to ozone, sun and oxygen
  • Excellent finish
  • Perfect dimension
  • Enhanced durability
  • Longer service life
  • Reliable

While choosing rubber gasket material the major concerns are media temperature, tensile strength, percentage of the compound and rubber hardness. The material specs and the drawing are afterwards sent for gasket cutting. Ranjit Marketing deals with the reselling of rubber gaskets which are used by many businesses and industries.