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Rubber bellow

Know more about Rubber Bellow

The equipment used for thermal movements and absorbing noise along with the elimination of fluctuation between devices like cooling water pumps, diesel engines, chillers and condensers are known as Rubber bellows. Their high adaptability makes them fit for offsetting small induction misalignments.

About Product

Rubber bellows can be employed as a metal extension bridge to offset for lateral, angular or axial movement. As, with another unlimited extension joint, rubber bellows will extend under pressure. The pressure thrust is dependent on the length of the bellows as its shape changes. However, the energy involved is high. The pressure thrust needs to be measured by increasing the cross-sectional area with the maximum pressure. Tie rods should be outfitted or the pipe work needs to be attached well, to prevent the bellows from lengthening.

Rubber bellows
  • Absorb mechanical and thermal movements
  • Handle very low temperature gases
  • Reduce vibration
  • Reduce heat loss
  • Light weight
  • Erosion, corrosion resistant
  • Compensate axial movement

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