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Pressure switch

Get pressure switches at reasonable prices

The pressure switch has two types of ports, single and double. The pressure switch with the single port gets the pressure enters into the port and strikes the internal diaphragm. If the force which enters the port is greater than the exerted force by pre-loaded set spring, the switch will contact and will break or make the circuit.

About Product

To inform the user the change in the pressure this will ring an alarm alert in the system within the given environment. There is a differentiation between the pressures entering the two ports of the pressure switch. The user gets an alert with the difference of pressure change in both the ports of the pressure switch.

Pressure switches
  • External pressure adjustment
  • Diaphragm actuated differential pressure
  • Flange base mounting
  • Safety seal
  • Manual reset, switch on increase pressure
  • High-pressure – low differential pressure

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