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Nut Bolt

Get all types of Nut bolts at one Place

A fastener with a threaded hole is known as a nut. To fasten multiple parts together nuts are used in combination with the bolts. The two companions are kept collectively by combining their threads' friction, a stretching of the bolt, and concentration of the components to be kept together. Where rotation or vibration work a nut may lose in that application, multiple locking tools may be used: jam nuts, lock washer, expert adhesive thread-locking fluid like Loctite, lock wires or safety pins in combination with castellated nuts, slightly oval-shaped threads or nylon inserts.

About Product

Bolt heads and square nuts are the first shapes made and were commonly used as they were easier to build, especially with hand. Hexagonal nuts are occasionally preferred in few situations when the greatest amount of grip and torque is required for an offered size, the larger length of all sides enables a spanner to be involved with a bigger surface area and more support at the nut.

Nut Bolts
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Excellent life cycle
  • Inexpensive
  • Temperature resistant
  • Easily Available
  • Better visual appeal

An extensive variety of nuts are used in household hardware. Fasteners used in industrial, automotive and engineering applications normally need to be tightened with a precise torque setting using a torque wrench. Ranjit Marketing has extensive varieties of nut & bolts and Rubber Gaskets to resell and trade in India.