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MS Fittings

Need to know more about MS Fitting seller

The piping elements which help in changing the path of the flow are known as pipe MS fittings. These can be tees or elbows. It changes the size of the pipe with the help of reducing tees and reducers. The piping fittings connect distinct parts like couplings and also stop the flow with Caps.

About Product

There are several kinds of pipe fittings used in piping. Pipe fittings used in piping job are generally tee, elbow, union, reducer, Cross, cap, coupling, plug, bush, swage nipple, adapters, expansion jointolet (socket, weldolet, thredolet, elbowlet,nicolet,swepolet, letrolet), steam traps, flanges, long radius bend, and valve. Fitting connects another piece of tubing or pipe or joins two pieces. It is a detachable piece of pipe or tubing. They are commonly used in plumbing and mechanical operations for many different purposes. There are many types of fittings made from a different variety of materials: some most common examples are tees, elbows, wyes, couplings, crosses, compression fittings, unions, caps, valves and plugs.

top MS Fittings
  • Easy to handle and transport
  • Durable and tough
  • Are suitable in varying conditions
  • Leak proof joints
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • High-performance
  • Change the path of the flow

Wrought fittings are produced from seamless pipes. Large width welded fittings are made from the plate. Ranjit Marketing is the reseller and trader of different types of MS fittings and flow switches.