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Flow Switches

benefits of flow switches

The mechanical device used for managing the movement of steam, liquid or air is known as a flow switch. Flow switches are operated by conducting a trip motion (paddle, reed switch, and relay) to another device in the system, mainly in a pump. The trip signal will guide the pump to turn on or turn off. Flow switches are important to give damage protection, circuit cooling and also help to regulate the flow rates that are too low or too high.

About Product

The liquid flow switch is used in hot water heating, chlorination of swimming pool water, air conditioning, fire sprinkler systems, liquid transfer systems and industrial laser cooling systems. In water sprinkler systems water flow switches are used. If there is a fire breakout then a flow switch is used to trigger the fire alarm equipment to turn it on. Air flow switches are employed to exhaust ventilation, air treatment systems and clean room filter systems.

Flow Switch
  • Measures flow rate
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Water resistance
  • High standard quality
  • Used to exhaust ventilation
  • Provide damage protection

Flow switches execute specific functions based on adjusted requirements. They can stop a motor when there is no flow and also trigger the same motor to start the flow. Flow switches play an integral role in many industries. Ranjit Marketing trade high-quality flow switches and Pressure Switch to many industries.