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Landing Valve ( SS & GM Both Available)

Fire SS Landing Valve and GM Landing Valve are connected to a fire hydrant system which incorporates water supply pipe work. Fire brigades use them for their fire fighting objective by connecting their hose. They are installed around everywhere, for an example in Tunnels under public-roads, large buildings, onboard ships, at Chemical plants, offshore and onshore areas, etc.

About SS Landing Valve & GM Landing Valve

SS Landing Valve and GM Landing Valve works as a manual stopping valve providing complete control over the fire-fighting system. It is a crucial part of the hose system. The water flux in the fire fighting system gets activated by rotating the handle of landing valve anti-clockwise. Design of Landing valves and hydrant valves are same, irrespective of the place where they are installed. They are operated in fire after clearing fire testing regulation.

  • The design of the valve is robust.
  • Do not get freeze in the low-temperature environment
  • Are manual stopping valve
  • Are installed almost everywhere, especially in big buildings
  • Activated by rotating the handle
  • Wet or dry standpipe
  • Dedicated for fire fighting men usage

We at Ranjit Marketing supply high-quality landing valves with many different connectors. Your safety is our priority, and we keep it in our mind while reselling or trading the fire fighting equipment. If you are also looking for Branch Pipe then contact us.


01.What are the flow requirements for different SS Landing Valves?

The flow of water is in the SS Landing Valve is dependent on the standard of fire fighting equipment connected to the valve. It can vary from 2200 lpm to 600 lpm for a valve having 38 NB outlets.
We trade well-designed and high-quality GM Landing Valves to our clients, which require lesser maintenance. Regular cleaning and light greasing and oiling of threads and lug ensure proper operation.