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Sprinklers (Pendent, Sidewall, Upright & Concealed)

The Pendent Sprinklers, Sidewall Sprinklers, Upright Sprinklers and Concealed Sprinklers are the part of the fire sprinkler system which releases water when the effects of fire are detected, like when a predetermined temperature has been surpassed. Sprinklers are used worldwide, with more than 40mn sprinklers heads installed each year. Mostly, all buildings have installed fire sprinklers to protect them from the undetermined fire breakout. They can control over 99% of fire breakouts alone.

About Sprinklers

Pendent Sprinklers, Sidewall Sprinklers, Upright Sprinklers and Concealed Sprinklers are designed to activate automatically according to the temperature. Fire sprinkler heads are already heat-activated, ordinarily at 165°F.
Sprinklers can save lives from the fire breakout. They give people time to get out of the fire and also protect from fire damage. They save money by reducing the fire damage chances. If you are interested to buy RRL HOSE Pipes then your search stop at us.

  • Suppress fire easily
  • Lower down the risk level
  • Require minimum maintenance
  • Save from fire damage
  • Put-out fire fast
  • Used in buildings
  • Activated automatically

Sprinklers are installed almost everywhere which includes some groups, organizations and properties. These are Schools, care homes, heritage buildings, hospitals, specialist housing, hotels, B&Bs and hostels, large warehouses, etc.Ranjit Marketing supply and trade high-quality fire sprinklers which will keep your property safe from the uninvited fire breakout.


01.What varieties of fire sprinklers are available in the market?

Ranjit Marketing resells and trades four different types of fire sprinklers which are used at the time of fire breakout to control small fires. The four different types of fire sprinklers include Pendant, Sidewall, and Upright & Concealed sprinklers.
Fire sprinklers need to get installed in the crowded area and offices, where there is a high risk of a fire breakout. They automatically detect fire and helps in suppressing fire easily.