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RRL Hose Pipes

Ranjit Marketing RRL hose pipes are the majority of fire-fighters choice because of their outstanding durability. The jacket is made of 100% synthetic fabric. RRL Hose pipes are abrasion and heat resistance

About RRL Hose Pipes

RRL hose pipes of Ranjit Marketing are popular and are used by extremely experienced firefighters for decades because of its superior quality. As a known organization in this industry, we are supplying our clients with excellent quality RRL fire hose pipes.

  • Excellent Durability
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Synthetic yarn jacket
  • Unique construction
  • Flexible with high strength capability
  • Fire resistant
  • Uniform thickness

The fire hose pipes are of standard international quality with the best quality rubber. The hoses we resell, have gone through the rigorous tests on different quality check parameters to guarantee its durability. We trade and supply these fire hose pipes to our clients at a reasonable price. Our fire hose pipes are flexible with high strength capability and are also fire resistant. We also provide GM Air Release Valve


01.How is the length of RRL Hose Pipes?

We resell the RRL Hose Pipes with a standard length of 36m. A control nozzle connected to the end of the hose allows the operator to control the flow and direction of water to douse the fire.
RRL Hose Pipes are mounted at an easily accessible area with the hose reel drums. The hose reel drums protect them from any future damage.