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Ranjit Marketing is a supplier, reseller and trader of GM Air Release Valve in India. We sell a high-quality variety of Air Release Valves which are specially designed for steel factories, chemical industries, fire protection systems, petrochemical industry, shipping/shipment industries, paper manufacturing industries, etc. These air release valves are of standard international quality.

About GM Air Release Valve

These valves release air-pockets that accumulate at each high-point of the full pressured pipeline. The internal lever mechanism increases the float force more than the internal pressure when air release valves are open against internal pressure. We supply GM air release valves made of Galvanized material. It automatically admits and releases air like a hydro-mechanical device. The valves are available with different specifications. Air release valves are consists of a double outlet. We trade, resell and supply it at a competitive price. They are efficient and consist of advanced technology and are abrasion-resistant. Ranjit Marketing is one of the top Hose Boxes suppliers in India.

  • Efficient air release
  • Combination of Air Release functions & of Air-Vacuum
  • Tamper-proof Cover
  • Stainless steel parts
  • Robust construction
  • Efficient inlet mechanisms
  • Most reliable solution

We at Ranjit Marketing trade a wide range of high-quality air release valves to our customers. Our Valves are used for regulating the pressure, flow, liquid levels and temperature by opening or closing the valves, fully or partially.


01.What is the use of GM Air release valve?

The presence of free air in the pipeline can decrease the severity of water slug considerably. Celerity (speed) of an elastic wave with, 2% of air at a pressure of 50m of water decreases celerity from about 1100m/s to 160 m/s for a standard pipeline. GM Air release valves are used for the easy flow of water without any restriction.
We trade and resell rust-proof and corrosion-free GM Air release valve, which are highly durable.
GM Air release valve is fitted at the highest point in the pipeline where air primarily gets naturally collected. Air droplets enter the pipe and replace the liquid inside, reducing the liquid level. When the level of the liquid drops, the air gets released with the help of the air release valve.