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Fire extinguishers

know more about Fire extinguishers

A fire extinguisher is a fire controlling or fire extinguishing device used to control small fire in emergencies. They are not used to control the uncontrollable fire which has reached heights of the building or which can harm the life or which require fire brigade help. A fire extinguisher is compromise of a cylindrical pressure vessel filled with a fire extinguishing agent which is used to extinguish the fire Cartridge-operated and Stored-pressure are two main varieties of fire extinguishers

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Different propellants are used depending on agent usage. Nitrogen is used with dry chemical fire extinguishers, and the air is used in water and foam extinguishers. Stored-pressure extinguishers are the common type of fire extinguisher. In the separate cartridge, Cartridge-operated fire extinguishers have the expellant gas which is punctured before releasing. A cartridge-operated fire extinguisher is not common and is used primarily in areas with industrial facilities, where they are used higher than the average

Fire extinguisher
  • Control small fire
  • A cylindrical pressure vessel
  • Portable
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to access
  • Helps in reducing fire damage
  • Quality product

Ranjit Marketing provides a wide range of cost-effective and standard quality fire extinguishers, flexible hose fitting stands, cabinets and hose reels that are produced to meet the latest Fire Authority standards. We aim to resell and trade the highest quality fire fighting products at the best prices in India


01.Which is the best fire extinguisher for your home?

The suitable type of fire extinguisher for your residence is a foam fire extinguisher which covers Class A and B fires, enabling you to tackle with the paper and wood fires as well as fire emulating because of liquefiable solids and burning liquids. To stop a deep huge fire, you'll need an ABF extinguisher.
Red-labelled fire extinguishers are water-based and are used for fires comprising solids and a red label on a white background is water mist and is used for some electrical fires.