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Fire Alarm pannel

Get notified from firen with Fire Alarm pannel

A fire panel or fire alarm panel is a safety appliance installed mainly in commercial buildings, to make a fire alert when there is a fire breakout. They are also installed in the big residential buildings to save lives. The fire alarm panel helps in reducing the chances of property damage and save human lives. Before buying a fire alarm panel, you should exactly know what it does, which building needs it and what features you require in it.

About Product

The purpose of a fire alarm panel is to activate a fast emergency alert when there is a fire breakout, so everyone in the building can get the chance to save their lives. There are different varieties of fire alarm panels with different features in the market. For example, a normal fire alarm will only create a fire alert with its sound, some have the feature of calling the fire department too, and few even activates water sprinklers to put-out fire at the same time. The characteristics depend on the fire alarm panel you choose to buy

best Fire Alarm pannel
  • Reducing the chances of property damage
  • Save human life
  • Detect fire
  • Comes with different features
  • Installed in houses and buildings
  • High quality
  • Fast emergency alert

If you are looking to install a fire alarm panel in a new building or want to change your old fire panel, you need to keep its features in mind. You can buy a variety of fire alarm panel from Ranjit Marketing, we trade and resell high-quality of fire fighting equipment.


01.What are the installation options of fire alarm panel?

It depends on the site which needs to get protected. Fire Alarm control panels are of two types wireless or wired. Wireless is perfect for the sites where wiring is difficult and costly. Hard-wired is standard and tend to be remarkably reliable and robust.
Fire alarm panel system will include a sounder, detection device and control panel like smoke alarms. There are several types of detection devices available which include heat detector, smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector and air sampling device.