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Door Hose Box

A fire hose carries high-pressured water to the fire to extinguish it. Outdoors, it's attached either with a fire hydrant or the fire engine. Indoors, it's found attached to the plumbing system or to the building's standpipe..

About Single Door Hose Box & Double Door Hose Box

To protect the fire hose at the time of the fire, you need fire hose boxes. Hose boxes are of two type’s single door hose box and a double door hose box. We also call it the Fire hose box.

  • Elevated durability
  • Fire resistance
  • Supreme Quality
  • Double door boxes
  • Guard fire hose pipes
  • Best quality product
  • Corrosion resistace

As one of the reputable names in the fire equipment industry, Ranjit Marketing is involved in trading and reselling of top-most quality hose boxes that are available with different specification. Our single door hose box and a double door hose box range are extremely appreciated for quality and durability and is widely used for securing and protecting multiple places from uninvited fire breakout. Furthermore, we deliver hose boxes at industries competitive prices. Ranjit Marketing is broadly known for trading and reselling high-quality hose boxes. We also offer a wide range of Fire Extinguishers plumbing valves in India


01.What is the main use of Single door hose box?

Single door hose box is used to protect hose reels, which is used to suppress fire at the time of fire breakout. They are located near fire hydrants or fire engines, outdoor and in indoor you can find them near the building's standpipes.
Ranjit Marketing trade and resell two types of Hose boxes- Single door hose box and double door hose box. They are fire resistance and guard hose pipes, which are used to put out the fire.
Double door hose box and Single door hose box are utilized to protect hose reels from future damages. In big building and apartments, they need to be fitted at an easily accessible area on each floor and in commercial buildings, hose boxes should be installed outside, from where they are accessible and can immediately fight with uninvited fires.