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Fire Extinguisher Supplier in Delhi
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The Leading Fire Extinguisher Supplier in Delhi , Gurgaon

Ranjit Marketing combines the strength of experience and expertise with high-quality deliverables. We are committed to protect property, people and businesses. Ranjit Marketing as one of the leading fire extinguisher supplier in Delhi Gurgaon has maintained its reputation by appearing as a quality fire fighting equipment reseller & trader, and ensures the supply of best products. The management of the firm is the exemplary mix of skilled individuals. Under their guidance and vision, the company is establishing its name in fire fighting equipment and plumbing valves industry. The passion to expand and the wealth of experience and knowledge that the management holds, give a spark to the business. With the help of detailed market knowledge, we know our customers’ requirements.

We believe that the employees are the backbone of the company and we have a team of professionals, who are experts in trading and reselling fire fighting equipment and plumbing valves. The company's business is backed by large-scale marketing and distribution channels and has built a reputation for stable customer support.

Fire Extinguisher Supplier in Gurgaon
Fire Extinguisher Supplier in Gurgaon

Top Fire Extinguisher Supplier in Delhi, Gurgaon


Ranjit Marketing is a a top fire extinguisher supplier in Delhi & Gurgaon supplier, trader & reseller of all types of Plumbing valves, Fire equipment and Fire extinguishers. We resell and trade Fire Extinguishers, Automatic Fire Extinguishers, CO2 Type Fire Extinguishers, Hydrant Valve, RRL Hose, Coupling, Branch Pipe Clean Agent and Electrical Siren. Other than Fire Fighting Products we also trade plumbing valves, like Butterfly Valve, Single Plate Check Valve & Dual Plate Check Valve, CI Non-Return Valve, CI. GM, Forged Brass & S.S Ball Valves, DI Sluice Valve, etc. We also provide good quality of kartar valves at reasonable prices.

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01. What are the types of fire fighting equipment required to control fire?

Ranjit Marketing trade and resell safety all over India. We resell fire fighting equipment like- fire extinguisher, fireball, sprinklers, hose pipes, hose boxes, etc. All essentials required for controlling fire are available with us.
We trade and resell fire fighting components and plumbing valves in different parts of the country, which includes Rajasthan and Delhi NCR. Clients trust us because of the quality, we deliver.
Ranjit Marketing trade and resell a wide range of plumbing range to its clients, which includes different varieties of check valves, landing valves, butterfly valve, sluice valve, gate valve and many more. The product we offer to our clients are durable and built of standard quality. We are serving clients with excellence since 2012.